The Scents of Spring & Summer Bundle


Our pick of the scents to give you a home filled with the wonderful and delicate fragrances from nature.

2 x Votive (Small) Bluebell Woods

2 x Votive (Small) Buttercup Meadows

1 x Large Relaxing

1 x Large Lavender Evenings

1 x Buttercup Meadows


  • Natural, plant based, vegan friendly soy candles
  • Low carbon footprint; made in the UK in a renewably powered facility
  • Offset the carbon from your order by choosing to plant a tree at checkout
  • Sustainably produced eco-friendly packaging
  • Compostable packing materials where possible

We're on a mission to make homes look, smell and feel better, without impacting our planet.

5% of our profits annually go to a chosen charity, this year its to protect our Bees. 🐝💐